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The Ecocup is an Italian brand. This small size is cut in two sizes, which have no great difference between them.
Eco-Cup is an Italian brand. This small size is cut in two sizes, which have no great difference between them. It is overall pretty firm, but flexible enough not to hurt the user or in the manipulation or in port. Its form is short and flared: very round, not triangular or oblong. The diameter also varies relatively little (42.5 mm for the small size, 46 mm for the large size), and the length is the same (77 mm) for the two sizes. The capacity is medium (17 ml for the small Eco-Cup, 20 ml for large). She appeared on the market in early 2013. This cut is also marketed under the name "Lybera" in Italian pharmacies, is exactly the same product with a name and a different packaging. The same firm therefore targeted at the Eco-Cup "Web" Lybera market and the pharmaceutical market. Two colors are currently available for this cut: transparent and fuchsia. This cup features a fairly standard form and flared like LadyCup. Silicone is peach skin, not very translucent. The body of the cup is small, even for the large size. 5 holes are beveled upwards and are very small, they can easily be blocked if the blood is thick (cailloteux). They are equidistant from each other, and a few millimeters of the bead. The bead is simple and moderately pronounced. Based on the body of the cup there are two vertical parallel lines. Between these two lines, we read '' MADE IN ITALY 'outdoors, and on the other hand, the size in Roman numerals (I) or (II). The stem is quite long, round and hollow, surrounded by a spiral line. This rod is not detrimental to the port, it can be kept as is, but is not very easy to clean: the blood and the water is put inside the stem, you need to press strongly to empty. In port, this cup is very comfortable. The insertion must be done carefully, it is useful '' help '' to the deployment of the cut, which ultimately positioned properly when fully opened. In load test, no leaks are regrettable, even full up to the holes, cutting holds up. The withdrawal happens very easily because of streaks and stem that is very easy to catch. The déventousage is realized unremarkable or particular difficulty. The usual packaging consists of a white cardboard box and green, with instructions and a green cotton bag with a white ribbon and late clamping. This bag is sufficiently tight that the cup can be retained therein, in a purse, for example. Eco-Cup is part of the cuts can satisfy users who want to start with a smaller budget. It lasts conventional life (10 years) and can start cutting office and end of period, when losses are moderate or low.

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