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The FemmyCycle is an innovative menstrual cup that is safe and cost effective, created by Alfred Shihata, CEO and President of FemCap, Inc.
The Femmecup is a British brand, marketed by the firm "Femmecup" in the UK. This small format cutter comes in one size. His body is quite flexible, silicone which composes it is very light, it folds very easily. On the contrary, the double bead located above the body is relatively rigid, it requires a certain firmness to be able to be folded in C-fold or punch-down. The Femmecup suffered in 2011 a "makeover", its shape was completely revised. The first version of this cut proposed a very firm and pretty rough silicone. There was a very strong resemblance to the Mooncup Moon Cup UK and US, which are the first signs of menstrual cups available. The first generation of Femmecup was difficult to use, the second generation was reconsidered and is much more ergonomic and simple. Its form is short and flared: very round, not triangular or oblong. The diameter is large enough (42 ml), due to the bead, which extends many cutting, in itself quite narrow. The Femmecup easily found in European countries, and locally in some pharmacies in France. It is very short (50 mm), one of the shorter sections, ranging rod. It is available in transparent. This cup features a fairly classic shape, flared, she still recalls the first cuts: Mooncup, Keeper. The silicone is smooth, very translucent on the body, a little less on the bead due to its reinforcement. The body of the cup is small, the capacity does not exceed 17 ml. It can start cutting office and end of period, when losses are moderate or low. 4 holes are beveled upwards and are very small, but do not clog. They are equidistant from each other, and a few millimeters from the underside of the bead, which helps to limit the useful capacity of the cup. Based on the body of the cup there are two vertical parallel lines with capacity markings (5 ml and 10 ml). These inscriptions do not make cleaning more difficult. There is no other inscription (on the old version, the URL you could see the Femmecup firm). The stem is much smaller (the great hollow stem and round the first version irritated vagina) it is 1 centimeter and its diameter is very thin (a few millimeters) are still round and full and the spiral is still around (this spiral rod was a characteristic of the Femmecup). The bottom of the Femmecup strengthened to enable better decision on removal. This rod is not detrimental to the port, it can be stored in the state, and is very easy to clean. It guides the user for withdrawal, and is quite solid. In port, this cup is very comfortable. The insertion is very easy, one of the easiest cuts to insert it snaps into place immediately after releasing bending. In load test, no leaks are regrettable, even full up to the holes, cutting holds up. Withdrawal is very easily pass because of the reinforced bottom and light streaks. The déventousage is realized unremarkable or particular difficulty. However, because of its small size, this cut can "nest" a little high in the vagina, it's what makes reliable and comfortable, but the catch may take a little practice. The Femmecup comes with a small bag of off-white tissue that closes with a nice light blue ribbon in pink box known since the first version. However, its weakness is its length, it only lasts 5 years, about, unlike other cuts, which according to the manufacturers, can be used for 10 years. New 2014 model offers Femmecup 'Femmecup Lite', which has a life of 12 months and is offered at a reduced price (€ 12.90) against € 18 for Femmecup 'base model' . The Femmecup Lite is designed for women who want to try their luck on a cheaper, to see if the menstrual cup is really made for them.

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