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The GaiaCup is a section of Czech brand sold by the firm GaiaCup (Tierra
The GaiaCup is a section of Czech brand sold by the firm GaiaCup (Tierra This cut is very long and comes in two sizes, which have a large difference between them. It is generally quite flexible, but enough tonic allow easy manipulation, especially during insertion. Its shape is long and right: rather round, cylindrical, conical or oblong not. The diameter also varies relatively little (44 mm for the small size, 45 mm for the large size), and the length is virtually the same (66 mm for the small size, 65 cm for large size). The capacity is very different (21 ml for small GaiaCup, 32 ml for large) especially for the larger size. She appeared on the market in early 2013. It is sold by leading multi-channel partners in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Italy, France. Two colors are currently available for this cut: transparent and green. This cup features a fairly simple shape, big long as NaturalMamma. Silicone is peach skin, not very transparent, not milky. The body of the cup is large, compared to the entire cutting. It has 6 holes placed very high, and bias. They are equidistant from each other, and a few millimeters of the bead. The bead is simple and moderately pronounced. Based on the body of the cuts the GaiaCup registration appears in relief on the inside of the bead at the top, and the listing of the size (L for large). The short rod is hollow with ridges on the outside to facilitate gripping. There are also four fine streaks in relief on the outside of the bottom of the cup. The GaiaCup is a reliable and comfortable fit that will suit even the very tonic vaginas. For large size, its capacity and its shape will also fit perfectly to cupeuses with long narrow vaginas, and heavy menstrual periods. By cons, users with a short vagina during menstruation will be hampered by the length of the cut that must now be one of the longest on the market. But it is also among those that contain the most! In the bad: the short stem is a bit difficult to clean - like all the hollow stems - and six small enough holes are a little difficult to wash well. Against by these holes do not clog too often. The GaiaCup comes with a very neat cotton pouch with purple designs on a white background (for large size) or orange on white background (for size S) and a closure cord and a leaflet in several languages. The GaiaCup is part of the cuts that can satisfy users who have a very large flow, due to its exceptional capacity, one of the largest market. It lasts conventional life (10 years) and can be used in the middle of the rules during the period bleeding, especially for larger version. Its price is in the average (20 € more or less depending on the shipping costs charged by the dealer).

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