Femmecup Lite menstrual cup

Femmecup Lite menstrual cup


The Femmecup LITE is the new menstrual cup made of super soft , FDA approved medical grade silicone reusable for 12 months.Femmecup LITE is unique in the menstrual cup market; it is a low cost option specifically aimed at women purchasing their first menstrual cup to 'try out'.

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The Femmecup LITEis a soft reusable menstrual cup produced in UK that last for 12 monthos reducing your sanitary protection bill up to 97% . Femmecup  LITE is around 5cm in length and holds 30ml of fluid (approximately one third of your entire monthly flow). Femmecup LITE is available in one size and can be worn by young ladies and those who have gven birth naturallu or with c- section.

Femmecup LITE looks exactly the same as Femmecup but it is a slightly finer, softer silicone (still UK produced, FDA market approved, medical grade). This means that can be offered  for a lower cost and the life span is still at least 12 months. Femmecup LITE is also an ideal option for teenagers, petite women, women that like to renew their cup more regularly than every few years and women with lighter flow.

Femmecup comes packaged in a very simple ( 100% biodegradable plastic bag ) inside a small bag of white cotton with logo Femmecup and instructions for use in various languages .


• Transparent Silicone, free of phthalates, latex and BPA
• Completely smooth surface
• It has 4 large holes under the edge, creating an excellent vacuum
• Easy opening due to reinforced ring 
• The body of the cup is very smooth, but not slippery
• Scale to control the flow


For those women who want a  very soft cup, but with easy opening. Women with a light / medium menstrual flow. For women looking for a cup with a large diameter, but small and delicate in its form. Women who already use a large size from other brands and are looking for a small cup to be used during the spotting or the last days of the cycle.

Why Femmecup LITE? The price of the cups is the major deciding factor preventing women from trying menstrual cups; you don't want to spend large amounts of money on something that youe are unsure will work for you. Femmecup LITE solves this issue. There is nothing to stop you trying Femmecup today!


UNIQUE SIZE 15 ml 50 mm 15 mm 45 mm

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